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Re: Powerbook 17": ALSA, sleep, mol, cpu scaling?


Joshua Krage writes:

>   c) Mac-on-Linux runs, but I can't get it to recognize anything other than
>      8bpp in full-screen console mode.  I haven't found any documentation on
>      safely changing the mol video modes to enable higher color depths.

Since you have an nVidia card, and the official kernel does not
contain the accelerated framebuffer driver for it (because it would
crash on some machines), you are stuck with the Open Firmware
framebuffer driver.  This in turn means you are stuck with 8bit color
depth on the console.  However, you can get higher depths in X video

>   d) I'm obviously missing something regarding cpufreq.  It doesn't exist in
>      /proc/cpufreq.  Modules for cpufreq can't be found via modprobe.  I'd
>      like to get my CPU to throttle down so the fan stops whirring at me. :)

More likely, your system lacks fan control.  Make sure the module
therm_adt746x is loaded.

Regards, Jens.

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