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Re: User-mode-linux under PPC

On Oct 01, 04:03, SteX wrote:
> Hi all,
> have anyone of you heard about user-mode-linux pkg under debian-ppc? I noticed
> that the uml network services and the doc were provided, the source too,
> but I haven't still heard of the pkg under debian.
> I also tried to search in google, but I only found out that a guy stopped
> working on uml port on ppc last year. Has anyone got more infos about it?


I am pretty new to Debian PPC so forgive me if the posting is both late
and wrong but if the support for UML for PPC is lacking you might want
to consider Mac on Linux, which can also be used for Linux distros as
well as the usual OS9 OSX cool aren't I stuff. ;-)

Peace Jim
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