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Re: PowerBook G4 config for + sleep function

Pander wrote:

Guglielmo Dapavo wrote:

Pander wrote:

Hi all,

Finally I got a good buil for tuned for PowerBook G4. For more info, see http://home.zonnet.nl/vgeloven/powerbook-g4-linux-kernel-configuration/

what's the main differences with the debian config? I recompiled a kernel with deb-mkpkg without problems...

Are you referring to the prebuild powerpc kernel packages? If not which are ou referrring to?

The main difference is that it is optimised for PowerBook G4 12". So stuff that is not needed is thrown out and a lot of modules for external hardware which you might need are in there.

oh ok, It is the same thing I've done starting from a debian 2.6.8 kernel config file.

What about the sleep function in macosx?

What is your question exactly? Funny thing is that I can get it to sleep but not to wake up. Any pointers for me how to configure this via the on/off button or the close lid button?

It seems that sleep function is broken in 2.6.x you can only turn off backlight but you cannot put the mac to sleep. I use pbbuttonsd, it works very well turning on and off the screen, but I cannot activate sleep function.

Does someone has some advice?


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