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Re: pbbuttonsd won't sleep on 2.6.8

Frank Murphy wrote:

> When I close the lid of my clamshell G3 iBook, the system doesn't properly 
> sleep like it does on 2.4.25. I've tried it with pmud and pbbuttonsd, and in 
> both cases the screen backlight stays lit. On 2.4.25, I configured pbbuttonsd 
> to sleep when the power button is pressed, and screen shows some psychadelic 
> colors then turns off. On 2.6.8, X stops and some logs messages are printed 
> on vt7, but the screen doesn't actually turn off. I have apm_emu loaded 
> via /etc/modules. Is there something obvious I'm missing?

Hi Frank,

Do you have these lines in /etc/pbbuttonsd.conf?

onAC_coversleep     = yes
onBattery_sleep     = yes
onBattery_coversleep= yes

another possibility -- check the permissions on /dev/pmu?


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