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Re: got quik working with OldWorld G3 Beige 233MHz


On Thursday 07 October 2004 06:35, Duane Cottle wrote:
> > Perhaps someone will step up and provide evidence to the contrary,
> > but I'm pretty sure that quik doesn't support loading a ramdisk. I've
> > never tried it myself, but I don't remember ever hearing about anyone
> > doing it.
> man quik.conf says it does, and d-i sets quik.conf up that way.
> Not supported? That'd be news to me.

man quik.conf is wrong, but d-i used to believe that . There are code 
fragments for initrd-supports in quik but not more. As the debian 2.6 kernels 
use initrds (and will continue to use them as they won't be changed so close 
to sarge getting released) they cannot work with quik.
(see http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2004/09/msg01884.html for more info, 
look for "quik, bootx & initrd")

If you need to use quik, you have to use the 2.4 kernels (with debian sarge 
standard kernel packages). Of course, you can build your own 2.6 kernels 
without initrd.

So sarge / debian-installer will have to use 2.4.27 with quik - and I don't 
see this as a major problems as this old hardware is well supported with 2.4
and you still have the option to build a custom 2.6 kernel after installation.


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