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Re: Battery status not correctly seen - how to fix?

On Fri, Oct 08, 2004 at 12:25:06PM -0400, Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
> On 10/08/2004 11:51 AM, Kevin B. McCarty wrote:
> > Since recently, I have been having a problem with battery monitoring on
> > my iBook (white, dual USB).  It fails to detect that the battery is full
> > - in fact, it thinks the battery is empty, so wants to shut down if the
> > power cord is not plugged in!  This appears to be a fairly low-level
> > problem, since "cat /proc/apm" outputs a line ending with "1% -1 min".
> A little more info about this:  the battery level seen just dropped from
> 99% to 0% while running on battery, causing a shutdown before I could
> plug in the power cable.  The result of "cat /proc/apm" is currently

Do you see the same problems under Mac OS X? Do you possibly have
another battery to test with?


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