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Success: serial console works...

Hello all!

A couple of weeks ago I was working with trying to get my Beige G3/266
DT to do serial output to serial console. I finally got it right, after
much reading, and lots of help from this list!

I don't know if changing the nvram had anything to with it, but I setenv
(or whatever the command is) to ttyb (instead of ttya, since I'm lazy,
and didn't want to take out the built in modem card in ttya). I'm
thinking that this is for OF serial output, though, from what I was

I have a 68k mac, running Mac OS (though I have Linux on it, too), that
I installed kermit on. That's my console window. I tried minicom, and I
might again, but this was simply to test that the cable worked! I have a
printer cable running from the G3's printer port to the 68k's modem
port. I ran kermit on both in Mac OS on both machines, again, just to
test that the cable worked. It works. :)

I had also been told that I need a kernel with serial console compiled
in. Did not know that, so I compiled my kernel with serial console

In BootX, I put the line (among the other things I've got in there):
console=ttyS1,9600n8. (This is the default setting for kermit, so I just
used that for both sender and receiver) Click the "linux" button, and
PRESTO! my kermit terminal in Mac OS on the 68k machine registers output
from my G3. 

Unfortunately, I get to where it says "Freeing unused memory..." and
there I sit. But the first part, at least, works. I'll redo my kernel
and see if that has any impact. Maybe I forgot something important. 

Thanks to everyone who helped! 


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