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ibook vs. pbook (or ati vs. nvidia)

I'm new to the powerpc port of debian and want to buy ibookG4 12" or
pbookG4 12" to use it. The main issue is about graphic card : ATI
Mobility Radeon 9200 on ibook and NVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200 on pbook.
None of them are well supported by Xfree/Xorg drivers (no resume on
suspend etc.); so I'm wondering which graphic card will be better
supported in future (I've no feel on how much efforts are spent on ppc
ATI or NVIDIA free drivers) in order to choose between ibook and pbook
12". Can someone give me some hints on that?
Are there other hw related issues in order to prefer ibook or pbook 12" ?

Thanks in advance


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