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Re: install (boot) problem sarge powerbook G3 (wallstreet)

On Tue, 2004-09-28 at 05:30, Rick Thomas wrote:
> The Debian developers use quik (and avoid miboot and BootX) for 
> reasons of political correctness.  BootX and miboot use some binary 
> code that is lifted verbatim from Apple's boot disks. They are 
> therefor "not free" of Apple's intellectual property. In other 
> words, they can't be placed under the GPL.  Part of the reason 

Hmm, so technically I'm supposed to pay Apple for the use of BootX /
miboot ?
Another good reason for me to use quik.
One of the biggest reasons I'm using linux on everything is that I don't
have to pay licence fees.
Yes, I can get all the software I want for free, but I want to keep a
clear consience.

Thanks for the help, I guess I'll have to search on for a sollution for
quik but for now the system is working.


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