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Mac Can't Browse With Netatalk

This question involves Debian on my x86 machine and an oldword B&W G3
running Mac OS (8.6), but I figured people on this list would be more
knowledgeable about netatalk than the other Debian lists.

After installing netatalk via apt-get on my Sarge machine, I created a
share in /etc/netatalk/AppleVolumes.default with the following syntax:
/share/path/ "Share Name" allow:@group 

Alternatively, I've also tried:
/share/path/ "Share Name" allow:user

With both of them, the user can login fine through Chooser - AppleShare
and can see the share and mount it, but when they try to browse the
share they don't see any directories or files. That same user logged
into the Debian machine locally can read all the files and directories
just fine.

Can anyone tell me what I've done wrong? I've read the comments in
AppleVolumes.default, as well as the other files in /etc/netatalk, but I
can't find anything that would seem to make a difference.


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