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Re: No HFS driver, and "change install priority" menu option missing -- and other bugs found while testing 2.4 boot floppies on OldWorld PowerMac

On Saturday, September 25, 2004, at 04:49 PM, Colin Watson wrote:

Bringing things back into sync with other architectures is worth it on
its own, and reducing the number of floppies required for an
installation was one of the original goals of d-i. After my changes,
there's *loads* of room left for things. We were just being inefficient,
that's all.

Glad to hear that you can free up space and still maintain functionality. I look forward to seeing the result!



PS - I've often wondered if things would be simpler (maybe *much* simpler) if the floppy-boot process just assumed that there will always be a CD-rom drive available. Has anybody else explored that possibility?

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