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Re: install (boot) problem sarge powerbook G3 (wallstreet)

On Sat, 2004-09-25 at 20:08, Rick Thomas wrote:
> > For the moment I've got it working with bootX but I would really 
> > like to
> > get it working with quik.
> >
> Unfortunately, that part has never worked for me, either.
> For what it's worth, using BootX isn't so bad.  You can fairly 
> easily get the necessary space for MacOS down to under 50 MB.

I've got it down to 30 and still room to spare, didn't need a zip drive,
just installed MacOS on the partition that was going to be the swap
drive so I had plenty of room, then copied only the necessary files over
so I used about 20 Mb for a MacOS 8.1 with working CD-Rom. then some
room for the kernel and that's it.

30 Mb might not be that much, but on a 4G HD and considering that it
basically is just the boot-loader........


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