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Re: not sure if system is hung or not

On (25/09/04 16:16), Steve Richter wrote:
> just installed debian on imac g3.
> I login and get some sort of a debian prompt.  I dont know what to do
> at this point, so I start typing some commands that might show a
> directory tree.  One command is "pr".  "pr" produces one line of
> output and does not return to a prompt.  I can type, but everything
> just scrolls on the screen, no more command prompt.
> press ALT-F2 for 2nd signon.  Signon, change directory to USR, type
> "dir" to see contents of the directory, change directory to "games".  
> Type the file name of one of the games, press enter, and again nothing
> seems to run and I am not returned to the command prompt.
> I am obviously clueless on Linux.  Is there a graphical desktop I can
> run to help me navigate the system?  I would like to get to an IDE for
> the c++ compiler and figure out how to do some PowerPC assembler
> programming.
> thanks a lot,
> -Steve
Hi Steve

Did you use the woody or sarge installer?

You need to install aptitude (preferred by me) or dselect to install
extra packages.  However, it would be worth installing lynx and
linuxcookbook.  The former is a text based browser which will enable you
to read gzipped and html docs, the latter is a good introduction to
Linux.  It might be worth buying a book such as Rute Users Tutorial and
Exposition which is a thorough introduction to Linux.

Meanwhile the "man" command is invaluable.  At the prompt type: man ls

This will give you the manual page on the "ls" command ("dir" in dosspeak)

There are man pages for most commands or packages that you have

So you can look at "man aptitude" to see the manual page for aptitude.
If you haven't got aptitude installed, you will need to use as root:
apt-get install aptitude.

Then once aptitude is installed type as root:

You can then see what packages are avalailable to install.  To get a GUI
you will need something like x-window-system, kdm and kdebase.  There
are many different window manaagers but this is not a bad place to

Not knowing which release you've installed is going to make it difficult
for people to help you.  Can you paste the output of:

cat /etc/apt/sources.list




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