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Debian on iBook-G4

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Hi all.

I'm having some problems with Debian on an iBook G4. I've installed SID, but sound is not working. Kernel doesn't find any sound hardware. ALSA does not find any, as well. Now I've got another problem, avery time sistem boots the privileges of /dev/null are changed to 644, and a lot of programs can't start properly. I can't found which process/daemon makes this change. After sistem boots, I change again privileges to 666, but every now and then it is changed again to 644 while I'm working. And, again, I have not found why. I think it's KDE because with GNome it seems it doesn't happen, and while in KDE sistem almost hungs.

My sistem: iBook G4, 800MHz, 256MB RAM, kernel 2.6.5 (standard local compiled, not Debian stock kernel), gcc 3.4, kde 3.3

Anybody knows anything about this?

Thanks in advance,
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