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ppc64 port

I have used a gentoo install to compile many debian packages in a ibm pseries 
machine. All the binaries are 64 bit. In the process I have submitted some 
bug-reports asking for powerpc64-support: 263743, 268076, 268078

The bootstrap procedure is:
compile libc in /trans
compile "debian" in / but linking with the libc in /trans
compile the libc in / (breaks all gentoo's binaries)
compile "debian" in /

I am in the process o completing the last step. A snapshot of the entire 
system can be found in 

The reason for submitting a incomplete build is that I don't have much time 
now (maybe in one month) and perhaps someone could continue the port. The 
immediate tasks would be:

1) compile debian packages for the programs that are using the libc in /trans 
(type "find /usr/bin -type f -perm +001 | xargs grep /trans/lib.*/ld") and 
remove /trans

2) port X11. I think Xorg 6.8 would be the best option since the it has a new 
elf loader that should be more portable. Xorg 6.7 should work also since the 
gentoo developers have added support for ppc64 in the Xorg 6.7 elf loader. I 
don't think that xfree is worth trying.

3) Build a set of base packages and use debootstrap to make a clean (without 
gentoo's help) install.

Good luck,

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