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Re: X.org + pmdisk, ibook G4

hi chris...

* Chris Anderson <chris@nullcode.org> [2004-09-13 09:00 +0200]:
> I've seen a few people mention success with pmdisk and X.org 6.8 on this
> model. However, whenever the system is brought up from sleep the colors
> are distorted in X (as opposed to when DRI is enabled and the entire
> screen is distorted and unreadable). So technically I can bring it back
> up, but the colors all have an odd yellow hue. I'm curious how other
> people have it working properly, especially those of you who mentioned
> DRI works with pmdisk.

i had the same problem on my Alu-PowerBook G4 until i deinstalled
xserver-xfree86-dri-trunk. resume seemed fine afterwards.


p.s.: currently, i cannot suspend due to "usbhid" being unable to unload
with kernel i will check on 2.6.9-rc2 later.
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