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Re: iBook G4 Software Suspend

> Which modules do you have to unload exactly?  I also use the bluetooth
> modules (with a usb dongle), so I would guess I would have to unload all
> of that.  Also, if I'm using pmud, where do I put my "suspend" script?

In order to get the USB stuff to unload, you'd first have to unload
bluetooth and anything using that. I've seen experimental USB suspend
support in 2.6.9-rc1 so maybe that's going to change soon.

As to the suspend script - you can run it from pwrctl in the sleep
section, at least I think Guido posted something to that effect. It may be
necessary to use the -S option to prevent the kernel sleep code from being
run. I've not tried that; I rather modified pmud to run the suspend
command in the same place where the sleep ioctl happens.


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