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7012-G30 - linux - netboot

I'm trying to get a Bull Escala ppc to run Linux.
It's a 4 * 601 cpu, 512mb ram.

The machine starts a bump firmware.
I set the bootlist to first boot flop, then cd, then tape, then harddisk

At the moment I've the machine trying to boot over ethernet, it's getting a
bootp answer, and it tries to tftp a bootfile.

There it goes wrong, no matter what i feed to the server, after 2 tftpblocks
is  gives a 231 status (System failed to IPL from the device chosen by the

I set the blocksize of the tftp server to various values, no luck.
I tried tp pass blocksize parameter to the bootp server, still no luck.

Any ideas somebody?

(Using dd to make a boot flop did not succeed, the server says that it's not
a firmware disk. So that's why i got trying to netboot the machine first).


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