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Re: Videoprojector with PB 15" Alu

On 2004-09-06 11:26:32 +0200, Eugen Dedu wrote:
> I teach and I need to use a videoprojector for my classes with my 
> PowerBook 15" Alu (Radeon 9600).  What I need is simply to project the 
> screen of my laptop on the videoprojector.  On the mailing list I have 
> found the post 
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-powerpc/2004/08/msg00098.html, but it 
> does not work for me... (I tried also with the UseFB option removed and 
> with smaller resolutions such as 800x600).  I always see a garbled 
> screen where curiously the mouse pointer is however shown fine.

On my first generation G4 PowerBook, I can use an external monitor
(or videoprojector) only with the 2.4.18 kernel.

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