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Re: Red X -- was: Re: new oldworld pmac miboot 2.6 floppies, root size should be ok, net_drivers still too big, please test.

Sven Luther wrote:
> Rick Thomas wrote:
> > Is it possible the objcopy is corrupting it?
> This is indeed a possibility.
> I will disable this again for the 2.4 floppies, and we will see tomorrow what
> happens.
> That said, the 2.6 floppies are too big to work with miboot without the
> objcopy -O binary call, so we need to investigate this more in detail.

I downloaded the latest 2.4 floppy images, but it looks like you didn't get around to disabling the objcopy yet.

In any case, I still get a red X.

The objcopy and the bfd library on my most recent debian sarge install are dated May 19th, 2004.  Is it possible that we haven't had a successful powerpc OldWorld floppy boot since that time?


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