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Re: Rescuing a broken kernel compile

Ciao Michael Hunt, nel tuo messaggio dicevi:

> Using the net-install CD I can modify the yaboot.conf file but I can't
> run ybin (is this what I am suposed to do???).

Exactly, this is what you must do.

Start the netinst CD and exit to a shell.
Now mount your root partition (in rw!) and chroot into it:

# mkdir /mnt/rescue
# mount /dev/ide0/part3 /mnt/rescue
# chroot /mnt/rescue

(the /dev part is not right, but you will figure it out yourself).

Now, in the chrooted environment, mount all others filesystems (/boot,
/home, /proc, very important proc) if you have them on other partitions.
At this point you can modify /etc/yaboot.conf and run ybin.

When you're finished, leave the chrooted environment with Ctrl+D, and

Best Regards, Jack
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