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Re: new oldworld pmac miboot 2.6 floppies, root size should be ok, net_drivers still too big, please test.

On Thu, Aug 19, 2004 at 04:08:06PM +0200, Wouter Hanegraaff wrote:
> The bad news is that not only the daily root.img is bad, also
> cd-drivers.img and net-drivers.img are corrupt; you can't even mount
> them. So I tried to load drivers from the rc1 floppies, and that sort of
> worked -- I successfully loaded some drivers, but neither the cdrom nor
> the network card were detected :-( 

A couple things here. Do you have a list of what modules you loaded? There
is (last I checked) a problem with autodetecting macio devices. This would
include MACE ethernet (all 601/604 powermacs with built-in ethernet), MESH
(the old SCSI controller), and a few other minor things.

	Brad Boyer

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