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Re: AWACS/snd_powermac, 2.6.7-powerpc on a new G4: headphones only

I had this problem initially. ALSA failed to recognize that the sound
chip is "snapper". Go to your kernel sources, file sound/ppc/pmac.c and
comment out the chip autodetection. See here:
This seems to be fixed in newer kernels, I am running 2.6.7-bk9.
I don't think it has anything to do with the old problem that you


Am Do, den 19.08.2004 schrieb Bruce Richardson um 3:20:
> Can't get any sound out of the internal speakers with the above
> configuration.  Searching the ALSA archives, I can see this was a
> known problem back in 2002.  Was it fixed in the meantime and has gone
> bad again, or has this always been an issue?
> Never having used Linux on PPC before yesterday, I don't know the
> history.
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> Bruce
> I unfortunately do not know how to turn cheese into gold.

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