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Re: no sound + backlit keyboard not lighting up (PowerBook G4/Sarge)

On Thu, 19 Aug 2004 the mental interface of
Matthew T. Atkinson told:

> 'ello,
> [ As usual, I have searched on Google and various list archives, but
> haven't found anything that answers my questions... ]
> Having just installed Sarge (and getting /dev/pmu to work :-)) I have
> been fiddling around with ALSA.  I managed to successfully insert the
> module for the powermac sound card (the only seemingly appropriate one I
> could find).  Alsaconf was unable to set it up right, for some reason.
> Anyway, I have the modules, but no sound.  The device nodes are there
> (/dev/dsp0 for example).
> The system give the impression of working fine (no error messages at
> all) but simply doesn't make any noise.  According to Google I appear to
> be along the right lines.
> Any ideas?
Are you a member of group audio?


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