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Angry at Apple


I'm angry at Apple.

After experiencing a deffective inverter cable which slowly
breaks the video signal, the AC power adapter of my iBook
stopped working (after 1 year and a half only!).
Hopefully, I can easily replace the latter
part but at a quite expencive price (105 euros!).

Speaking of the inverter cable, Apple told me they don't
care about my problem, and redirected me to an Applecare
service. Unfortunately, this service closes at 6pm and
does not open on Saturdays. What is a service which can
serve noone?!!

So, I really wonder 1/ if the MTBF is that low on Apple
hardware, 2/ if the customer service is always that bad?

Feedback anyone? TIA.

Jérôme Marant, considering saying Apple goodbye.

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