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Ti book CD/DVD ROM

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I've been searching around to see if there is a patch to repair the problem I have with my DVDROM drive on my Tibook and I found your correspondance. The drive is a Matsushita SR-8717 with driver version 1.4.7 and revision number HA18. It stopped working when I was copying one of my CD's into iTunes. The disk just stopped loading and the program hung up. I rebooted and after that it just spat out audio CD's after appearing to fail to find the start point on the disk. Same with Data CD. DVD still plays with no problems.
This may not be your area but any advice you have would be greatly appreciated.
Is the problem likely to be in the drive or in the computer?
Can I fix it by downloading software/firmware?
Should I just replace the drive ( I'm out of warranty)?
Is there a diagnostics application I can use to investigate the problem further? (I can't load my Apple hardware troubleshooter disk as the drive won't read it)

Hi Gerry,

I have exactly the same problem with my Tibook (also the same versions). Did you ever get an answer.


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