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current d-i cd won't boot on G3


i've tried today's daily build of the powerpc netinstaller cd. This is a
G3 powerpc and i can't make it boot the cd by any means:
- pressing 'c' upon boot
- loading the OpenFirmware with the Systemdisk-Tool from the d-i install
guide and from there going "boot cd:,\install\yaboot" or going "boot
hd:6,yaboot" after having copied the files from CD to the harddisk. 
- Pressing the Apple-Alt-Shift-Delete (or what else is "Option" supposed
to be if not "Alt"?)
- trying ide0: and ide1: will not be taken by OpenFirmware

All of those leave me with a system booting MacOS 9.2. The OpenFirmware
is 2.0f1 (yes, i read it was buggy, therefore i used the DiskSelector
tool as descibed - or so i hope i did).

Any ideas how to get the CD booted are welcome. Thanks!

Best regards,

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