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Re: Cirrus Logic Video Controller

if you can get framebuffer going (which it probably is)
then just use the framebuffer X server.
granted - its slow.

but you might be able to use the svga server (or which ever
server should support your chipset - usually svga), but
tell it to use the fbdev in your X config.

this is just me speculating, i dont have your machine.


terrabit@optonline.net wrote:

I have installed Debian on the old PowerPC Computer, Motorola PowerStack DT604-100. I have there a Cirrus Logic Video Chip, XFree86 does not start. I want to install a stable version of XFree86, instead of the one installed right now, but I was wondering, maybe somebody else had such a video processor. What file do I need to edit in order to start XFree86 with this video card chip. I have the LCD monitor connected to it.

Thanks, Vladimir

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