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Re: Old world mac

On Tuesday 10 August 2004 11:43 pm, Rick Thomas wrote:
> Install MacOS-9.  Then use the BootX boot-loader. (or 8.5 or 8.6,
> if 9 won't run on the S-900.  I've never seen one of those, so I
> don't know what will run on it and what wont.  I'm told that BootX
> even works with MacOS 7.5, if your machine can run it and you have
> a floppy drive to install it from.)  You don't need much of MacOS
> to do the trick -- 200 MB is more than enough.  

I have an old G3, I've followed this thread and still cannot get the new 
installer to boot.

I have BootX installed, loads just fine.

My first question is do I want power3 files or powerpc files?


I've download the initrd.gz and the vmlinux from


Put then into the Linux Kernel Folder, reboot the G3, selected vmlinux from 
BootX, click no video driver, Options, use RAM Disk, selected initrd.gz and 
clicked Linux.

Box just hangs.

I've tried the tricks in this thread, but they all cause the box to hang.

Installing using woody's old installer works fine :-(
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