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install on nfs partition, is possible?

hi everyone,

I'm exploring the possibility of making a full debian install on an NFS partition, i have an iMac 333 but i do not want to touch the disc inside the machine, i also have another machine (this one x86) that runs Debian unstable and that have an nfs server.

the first step was to netboot, so far I have installed tftpd and dhcpd on the server, configured them, and succesfully booted the debian testing installer images found here [1]

The installer actually starts, make me select language and keyboard, configures the network (but do not automagically recognises the bmac ethernet, i need to select it by hand), and then start the partitioning step.

Unfortunately right now I'm stuck as there seem to be no way to say the installer to not touch the disk and use nfs as the target partition, moreover, even from the console, I have been unable to even mount the nfs partition.

do you think the problem here is the kernel not supporting nfs, or the stripped down version of the "mount" command in the initrd install bin that does not allow such a thing?

in either cases, where can i get a (precompiled) kernel image that support nfs and/or add a "full" mount to the initrd image?

as i understand is actually possile to run a machine with an NFS root partition [2], has anyone tried yet to do an install?

any idea will be greatly appreciated :)



[2]root=/dev/nfs in the yaboot.conf, and a kernel with ip autoconfiguration and nfs support

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