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Re : Powerbook G4 1,33


I have the new Powerbook 15" 1.5GHZ. The material is smilar on your

I have install sucessfully with the current sarge installer ( 40 mo).
All work no problem just make a new kernel for the X support for my graphic
card Ati 9700 mobility radeon 128mb. But you have only 2D not the 3D driver
(open source or proprietary.)

But you must make a bootstrap you must make a 900ko for work!

Soon I want create an howto on my site www.debian-ch.org.

Now I write this.

Good Luck for your install. For more support please explain your problem.

Sorry for me bad english.

For configuration files for this PowerBook or kernel please go on my apple
homepage. homepage.mac.com/linbox ( the xfree configuration files is Swiss

Le 7.8.2004 12:32, « Sebastian Henschel » <shensche@debian.org> a écrit :

> salut pascal..
> * Pascal Chenevas-Paule <pascal.chenevas@wanadoo.fr> [2004-08-07 12:17 +0200]:
>> Does an Howto Debian install exist for new Alu Powerbook 1,33 ?
>> I search people whitch have experiences whith debian on this machine.
> check these out:
> http://tuxmobil.org/apple.html
> cheers,
>  sebastian

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