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Re: pmud vs. pbbuttonsd on iBook

im using pbbuttonsd to do all those things
in debian if you just instal the deb
(apt-get install .....)

it should all start working now problems
then just edit /etc/pbbuttonsd.conf


Greg Hamilton wrote:

I ran YDL on my iBook for awhile and had the same confusion when moving to Debian. It turns out that pbbuttonsd can be configured to control sleep, hard drive idle spin down and all sorts of other stuff. You don't need pmud installed. Just read the man page and modify the config file to suit.

On 12/08/2004, at 11:01 AM, Tony wrote:

I am new to running debian (testing) on my iBook 600MHz M8600LL/A, I have been using Yellow Dog for some time. I have been able to successfully install pbpbbuttonsd so that I can use the dim/brightness buttons as well as the volume buttons. I have also been able to install pmud to control the sleep mode of the ibook, however the two appear to be mutually exclusive. If I try installing pmud it requires removal of pbbuttonsd and vise versa. Is there a solution to this problem?


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