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problem building kernel, asm error


i'm trying to build myself a 2.6.7-powerpc kernel using debians tools on
my G3 ibook.
However, it bails on asm problems as shown in the following log. To
start slowly i'm using the original /boot/config-2.6.7-powerpc
configuration and debian's sources.

Command is: 
fakeroot make-kpkg --append-to-version=rst --revision=0 kernel_image

Thanks very much for any advice how to fix that, 

  CC      arch/ppc/kernel/traps.o
arch/ppc/kernel/traps.c: In Funktion >>AltivecUnavailException<<:
arch/ppc/kernel/traps.c:650: Warnung: unsigned int Format, long unsigned
int Argument (Argument 3)
arch/ppc/kernel/traps.c: In Funktion >>AltivecAssistException<<:
arch/ppc/kernel/traps.c:665: Warnung: implicit declaration of function
  CC      arch/ppc/kernel/irq.o
  CC      arch/ppc/kernel/idle.o
  CC      arch/ppc/kernel/time.o
  AS      arch/ppc/kernel/misc.o
  CC      arch/ppc/kernel/process.o
  CC      arch/ppc/kernel/signal.o
  CC      arch/ppc/kernel/ptrace.o
  CC      arch/ppc/kernel/align.o
  CC      arch/ppc/kernel/semaphore.o
  CC      arch/ppc/kernel/syscalls.o
  CC      arch/ppc/kernel/setup.o
  CC      arch/ppc/kernel/cputable.o
  CC      arch/ppc/kernel/ppc_htab.o
  AS      arch/ppc/kernel/l2cr.o
arch/ppc/kernel/l2cr.S: Assembler messages:
arch/ppc/kernel/l2cr.S:110: Error: Unrecognized opcode: `dssall'
arch/ppc/kernel/l2cr.S:278: Error: Unrecognized opcode: `dssall'
arch/ppc/kernel/l2cr.S:387: Error: Unrecognized opcode: `dssall'
make[2]: *** [arch/ppc/kernel/l2cr.o] Fehler 1
make[1]: *** [arch/ppc/kernel] Fehler 2
make[1]: Verlasse Verzeichnis »/usr/src/kernel-source-2.6.7«
make: *** [stamp-build] Fehler 2

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