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Re: RFS:cross-compiler package

Em Monday 09 August 2004 19:56, Shaul Karl escreveu:
>   I only tried cross compilation tools for a short time. I droped it
> due to the amount of work that was required to get the deb that I was
> interesting in cross compiled. Still, have you looked at dpkg-cross and
> the toolchain-source debs?

Fortunately I only want to cross-compile the kernel (many times). I used 
dpkg-cross but very little since make-kpkg has its own infrastructure for 
cross-compilation and supports the powerpc64 :)

I didn't use toolchain-source because it had gcc 3.3 and I wanted to use 3.4. 
If I understand correctly, it contains the source code to gcc and binutils so 
that a number of source packages do not have to include it right? I was 
planing to use a single source package to build all the cross-compilers. This 
way the source code would be all in one place. I admit that the package will 
take a LONG time to compile.

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Thanks for the comments,

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