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Re: SE-Linux packages available

On Sunday 08 August 2004 04:01 pm, Wolfgang Pfeiffer wrote:


> I have only a limited free transfer rate of 1 GB for each consecutive ~4
> weeks for these packages ... I'll have to remove them for each single
> transfer period as soon as the download rate  is coming close to 1 GB in
> that resp. period.
> If someone out there knows a better free (free as in "free beer") place
> with higher transfer rates to store the packages please let me know ...

Do you mean that you're only allowed 1 GB of traffic on your website?  If so, 
you may want to consider distribution via BitTorrent.  You would only be 
putting small files on the web server which "point" to the actual file's 
location.  That would reduce the strain on the webserver (at the expense of 
straining your connection, not as much as one might think)



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