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Re: Still seeing if hfsplus is reliable with recent kernels (was: Re: 2-4-21-rc3-benh0 - hfsplus)

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Em Sunday 08 August 2004 15:20, Rogério Brito escreveu:
> Thank you very much. I was fearing that it could be a sign of data
> corruption, but I am much happier knowing that it is only a problem with
> case sensitiveness.
> Anyway, it seems that many files in the kernel have similar names that only
> differ in the case of the characters (especially in the netfilter
> sources). Of course, that's not to say anything about the .s and .S issue.
> BTW, I see from your older posts that you seem to be quite involved in
> cross-compilation. Do you happen to have any texts that you produced laying
> around?
Unfortunately no, but crosstool is now able to generate i386->ppc64 and 
i386->ppc cross compilers out of the box.

I hope to build some cross-compilers packages with it :)

> Nice to have other people in the same state (or country, at least) working
> with the same platform.  :-)
Same state but similar platform I think: I am using a IBM pseries.

> Thanks, Rogério.
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