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Still seeing if hfsplus is reliable with recent kernels (was: Re: 2-4-21-rc3-benh0 - hfsplus)

On Jul 14 2003, Rob Latham wrote:
> I had a testcase that would cause similar problems, but the new
> (20030702) hfsplus driver handles my testcase fine now.

Do you still see problems with your test case with recent kernels?

I'm a bit tired of using vfat to interchange files between my systems and I
would like to use something that can include symlinks and is understood
both by Linux and MacOS X. The best option so far seems to be HFS+ (but I'm
open to use other filesystems).

Anyway, I remember someone once said that he could not get the kernel to
compile when doing the compile on a HFS+ fs. I decide to try what the
actual result would be with a new kernel (2.6.8-rc3). I created an
hfsplus image with the command you suggested:

>  hdiutil create -megabytes 1024 -fs HFS+ -layout NONE hdibig.img

But the compilation still failed near the linking phase (it complained
about symbols related to jiffies not being found). I don't know what
could be the cause of the problem, but I suspect that it would have
something to do with case-sensitiveness.

Are there other people using Linux's hfsplus driver with success?

BTW, is there any utility to create a HFS+ fs in Linux? It seems that the
hfsplus package does not include anything to actually create such

Thanks for any comments or experiences, Rogério.

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