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Re: Config X in Sarge

Rick Thomas wrote:


I ended up not editing anything. Just went and formated my hard drive and installed sarge again. This time when the options first come up to install software packages, I selected and installed the DESKTOP software. The install proceded with no problems and I had a nice debian gui login screen. Logged right in to KDE.
Sarge looks great and it is probably only going to get better.

Thanks for your help,

Derek Enz

On Thursday, August 5, 2004, at 04:28 PM, Derek Enz wrote:


Thanks for the info. I have not checked the log yet
but, I did see an EE error saying something like it
could not find the ATI video card.
I thought I put the correct PCI ID in but this message
still comes up.
The video card is a ATI Radeon 7500.

Maybe I will just have to configure it manually.

Derek Enz

Don't forget that lspci gives the PCI ID in Hex, but XF86Config and friends want it in decimal.


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