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Re: TiBook G4: microphone?

On 8/3/04 5:52 AM, "Stefano Zacchiroli" <zack@debian.org> wrote:

> I've a TiBook G4 and I would like to try gnomemeeting and similar stuff.
> Looking at my laptop I'm starting wondering: "do I have a microphone?".
> From the software point of view I see no microphone channel in the ALSA
> mixer (I see a "mix" channel, but I don't know what it does represetn).
> From the hardware point of view, I read on the web that there is a
> microphone behind the left speaker but I'm missing an external
> microphone input, am I wrong?
> Any hints?
> TIA,
> Cheers.

I can't help you with the software problem but I can tell you that you are
correct about the built in Microphone on your Tibook. It is quite sensitive
in OSX, I use it for iChat regularly.
Hope this helps!

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