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Re: quik and initrd and kernel-image-2.6.7-powerpc

Derrik Pates wrote:

> Christian Leimer wrote:
>> What do I have to add to the quik.conf file? I can not find something in
>> my bootloader manual. Is initrd supported by quik?
> The man page says the parameter in quik.conf is 'ramdisk='. Also,
> specify the full path to the initrd - if it's in /boot (and you don't
> have a separate /boot FS, that is), specify /boot/initrd.img .
>> it says something about VFS unable to  mount root fs.
> Yeah, because it doesn't know that argument. Also, make sure you've
> specified the root device with root= in the config file - otherwise it
> may assume you really want to just use the ramdisk.


Now I have this in my quik.conf:

image = /boot/vmlinux
        label = test

but still does not work.

My disk is connected to an uw adaptec card.
How do I tell the kernel to use the aic7xxx module?

Thanks chris.

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