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ppc64 kernel package

I was able to compile a 64 kernel debian package. The steps:

1)apply the attached patches to dpkg and kernel-package, compile and install
2)install a cross-compiler (use http://kegel.com/crosstool/)
3)apt-get install kernel-patch-powerpc-2.6.7 (don't know if it is necessary)
export INITRD_OK=1
export PATH=/path to the cross-compiler
5)untar the kernel-source and use the attached config
6)make-kpkg --initrd --rootcmd fakeroot --arch powerpc64 --cross-compile 
powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu clean
7)make-kpkg --config menuconfig --initrd --rootcmd fakeroot --arch powerpc64 
--cross-compile  powerpc64-unknown-linux-gnu kernel_image

8)good luck with your new kernel.

The config is very similar to debian-powerpc-smp. Don't know if something 
should be changed but this one boots.
How is the ppc64 port going?

diff -u -r dpkg-1.10.22/scripts/dpkg-architecture.pl dpkg-1.10.22-new/scripts/dpkg-architecture.pl
--- dpkg-1.10.22/scripts/dpkg-architecture.pl	2004-06-01 18:18:16.000000000 -0300
+++ dpkg-1.10.22-new/scripts/dpkg-architecture.pl	2004-07-13 18:11:04.000000000 -0300
@@ -54,6 +54,7 @@
 	    'm68k',		'm68k-linux',
             'arm',		'arm-linux',
             'powerpc',		'powerpc-linux',
+            'powerpc64',        'powerpc64-linux',
 	    'mips',		'mips-linux',
 	    'mipsel',		'mipsel-linux',
 	    'sh3',		'sh3-linux',
diff -r -u kernel-package-8.091/kernel/rules kernel-package-8.091-new/kernel/rules
--- kernel-package-8.091/kernel/rules	2004-06-22 03:44:21.000000000 -0300
+++ kernel-package-8.091-new/kernel/rules	2004-07-13 16:53:53.000000000 -0300
@@ -216,6 +216,19 @@
   kelfimagedest = $(INT_IMAGE_DESTDIR)/vmlinux-$(version)
+##### PowerPC64
+ifeq ($(strip $(architecture)), powerpc64)
+  KERNEL_ARCH=ppc64
+  kimage := vmlinux
+  loader=NoLoader
+  target = $(kimage)
+  kimagesrc = vmlinux
+  kimagedest = $(INT_IMAGE_DESTDIR)/vmlinux-$(version)
+  kelfimagesrc = vmlinux
+  kelfimagedest = $(INT_IMAGE_DESTDIR)/vmlinux-$(version)
 ### PowerPC
 ifneq ($(strip $(filter ppc powerpc,$(architecture))),)
   ifeq ($(DEB_BUILD_ARCH),powerpc)

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