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Powermac 8600 Radeon 7000 Woody Video Problems

I am running Debian Woody with a 2.4.25 benh kernel on my Powermac
8600 (/chaos/control) with a Radeon 7000 pci card and can only get my
install to boot using bootx   with no video driver (ofonly) whenever I
choose video=radeon or radeonfb not sure which to use I get the bootx
text dump but it just sits there. I'm pretty sure it boots, I tried
blind typing root and my password and do a reboot but it didn't work,
may have been my typing though.

Does anybody have any suggestions? What video parameters should I use
to get my radeon to work correctly. When I do get it to work using
ofonly dmesg outputs a conflict with the control non-vga controller.

Any help would be appreciated.


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