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Re: Status of 2.6.7


Cedric Pradalier writes:

> Why is it not present in the official unstable repository?

Being a new package, it has to wait for admission into unstable in the
so-called new queue.  This process has to be done manually and takes
rather long at the moment (for example, kernel-source-2.6.7, which was
uploaded at the same time, entered unstable only yesterday, and
kernel-patch-powerpc-2.6.6 took more than a month).

> It seems a pretty long time since Jens packaged it on its unofficial
> repository.

A lot of people feel the same way, according to the recent rants on
debian-devel and even debian-devel-announce.

Regards, Jens.

J'qbpbe, le m'en fquz pe j'qbpbe!
Le veux aimeb et mqubib panz je pézqbpbe je djuz tqtaj!

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