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Re: Confirmation needed: 802.11b/g are not supported?

> you can use your IPod...

Just to amplify this, there are several tools you can use to sync with
the Pod; I use GNUpod:

> Wifi.... well in this point we have some problems, there is no
> support under Linux for the airport extreme.  . . . in your case you
> can't use wifi because you don't have pcmcia port.

You actually can use wifi: I have the 12" and I use a USB dongle-y
thing for 802.11b access, an "Actiontec USB 802.11b Wireless Adapter";
it uses the wlan utils.  So you can use B if you get one of these.

And sleep doesn't work yet, which is inconvenient if you move around a
lot, but not deadly.


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