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Re: ibook G4 - 2004 : how I get sleep and mol working

Reply to the mail from David Marsal (david.marsal@free.fr):

> 	Load	"dri"

So suspend to disk now works reliably with "dri" enabled? 

Also, I have some comments to add to your suspend/resume script: 
1. I would shutdown/restart networking in this script
2. I would issue a "rmmod -w modulename" for each module since this would cause the script to block if some module could not be unloaded. Eg. if you have a firewire device in use while suspending, your script would not unload the ieee1394 module and crash the system on resume
3. Eventually I would restore the settings on the trackpad ( ie. "trackpad notap" )  because the trackpad config is not stored among a suspend/resume cycle
4. I would re-sync the clock with "/sbin/clock -s"


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