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understanding extrange kernel options for ibook2.2

hi list,

i'm trying to understand each options i have in the kernel for my ibook 2.2 and i have some questions ...

<*> APM emulation . what's this ? there's no help available. if the ibook has APM, why emulate it ?

[*] Include MacIO (CHRP) ADB driver . and this ?

[*] Support for ADB input devices (keyboard, mice, ...) . this options encourages to say yes to "Keyboard support" (CONFIG_INPUT_KEYBDEV), "Mouse Support" (CONFIG_INPUT_MOUSEDEV) and "Event interface x support" (CONFIG_INPUT_EVDEV). i haven't this options in the kernel and works fine. :?

[ ] DDC/I2C for ATI Radeon support . i don't understand this and google doesn't explain me very much :)

<M> I2C support
<M> I2C device interface
<M> Powermac Keywest I2C interface
<M> CHRP Apple Hydra Mac I/O I2C interface

why we need I2C ? which options are required ?

thanks !

        jorge salamero . bencer qzbit
     bencer@bencer.org . 526715@celes.unizar.es
     http://bencer.org . linux reg user #318695
         debian gnu/linux ppc unstable

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