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Re: Debian Sarge on oldworld Powermac?

On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 02:40:14AM -0400, Rick_Thomas wrote:
> Try getting a floppy drive cleaning kit.
> Don't be afraid to use it two or three times on an old floppy drive that
> is badly gummed up with dust and crud.  You'll see a marvelous
> improvement in the error rate in the boot-from-floppy process.
Thanks for the Tip. I have found out now, that swapping drives is really
easy. One of the four drives is in better shape than the others and I
can get a more-or-less reliable boot with them.

Now another problem surfaces: The hard-disk drive is only found
sometimes when booting woody from floppy. With MacOS there is no
problem. Anybody seen this, is a cure available? Maybe the disk is not
spun up?
I have not tried the sarge installer yet.

> The best way I've found to boot OldWorld Macs is with BootX, a little
I already mentioned, that MacOS is not an option. I want to donate the
whole disk to Linux and I'm unsure about the licensing: I inherited
these boxes with a MacOs 8.6 installed but I don't have any boot-disks.
So I want a Linux-only solution...

Ralf Schlatterbeck
email: ralf@zoo.priv.at FAX: +43/2243/26465/23

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