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Re: System won't boot

On Fri, Jun 11, 2004 at 09:56:14AM -0700, Doug Mellot wrote:
> I went to debian.org and got the .iso for the testing
> release of Debian PPC.  I got the minimal install CD. 

Exactly which CD did you get? (URL)

> I burned it to a CD and booted with the CD.  I then
> went through the installation process.  It appeared to
> go well, and asked me to reboot, which I did.  Here is
> the screen I get when I turn my computer on:
> ...ok
> opening display /pci@f0000000/ATY,Xia_13...ok
> copying of device tree...done
> calling quiesce...
> booting...

It's possible it's installing the wrong kernel, I suppose.

> But it is lying when it says "booting...," because it
> never does so.  I even turned my computer off and on
> several times-the same thing always happens.  I would
> greatly appreciate any help, because I can't even get
> into yaboot.conf.  This is annoying because I can't
> get to yaboot.conf (and hence go to OS X), so all my
> computer can currently do is turn on and display the
> message posted above.

It seems bizarre that you don't get the early boot menu, at which you
can press X to start Mac OS X. That depends on exactly which image
you've got, though.

You may be able to hold down Option during boot to get the in-ROM boot

> I still have the Debian install CD I burned if that will help.

You can always boot from the CD, run up past hardware detection, and
then mess around on tty2. That way, you could mount the target root
filesystem and see what kernel it has on it.


Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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