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Re: X woe

On Fri, May 28, 2004 at 08:44:59PM +0100, Sean O'Dubhghaill wrote:
> Hi
> I'm having some problems with X on my debian unstable ibook 2.2. In freezes up 
> entirely occasionaly. It doesn't seem to be connected to actually doing any 
> specific. Does anyone have any idea how to debug X or get information about 
> what is going on? I have searched through /var/log but can't find anything 
> there.
> Thanks,
> Sean

I had quite strange xfreezes some time ago, on my ibook g3 900 combo  as
well, i  could still move the mouse pointer, but anything else was dead,
only solution was powerof. 

Neither could I find anything in the logs.

The only thing that I could find out is that this was somehow connected
to xscreensaver, since I have it disabled freezes don't appear anymore.

I discussed this on the list (around februar) but with no result since I
was quite busy that time and 'apt-get remove xscreensaver' solved the

As far as I can remember I had this problem with kernel 2.6.1pre sth,
not sure about 2.4.

cheers flo

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