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Re: Interesting shell prompts (bash or otherwise)

On Sat, 2004-05-29 at 23:12, Dean Hamstead wrote:

> has anyone got an intersting shell prompt or a link or something
> maybe a little more jazzy than... dean@meleana:~$
> i know i just need edit ~/.bash_profile or /etc/profile
> im just not very creative today =)

Sure, if USEFUL is what you want. Put the exit code in it.

    PS1='\u $? \w\$ '

Also, use the TTY name for your xterm title:

    case $TERM in
        /usr/local/bin/title `tty | colrm 1 5`

The session ID would be a decent choice as well.
Here's the /usr/local/bin/title program:

print "\033]0;@ARGV\007";

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